All photography provided by Agi Donna;

My journey

My Yoga journey began in 2008, when I was a stressed out Personal Assistant working in Finance.

I found myself rushing around, constantly chased by the next deadline, desk bound and chronically tense. On top of that I was also constantly feeling tired and depleted of energy. I was on a mission to find a solution.

I joined the gym local to my workplace and started attending regular Yoga classes there.

I loved how relaxed and de-stressed Yoga made me feel. I was ready to respond better to the pressures of modern life. So I soon became a regular and found a new routine which made me feel great.

It also sparked my interest in learning more about Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology and I was determined to be sharing my learnings with people who find themselves in a similar situation to me.

In our modern world we just sit way too much, usually in a bad, slouched posture, hunched over our desks, shoulders rolled forwards over our keyboards. It’s no surprise so many of us suffer from chronic back pain.

Compromised posture not only affects us on a physical level through an aching body, but it also compromises the quality of our breath and so consequently, it also effects us mentally, adding additional stress as we just don't feel good in our body. 

Yoga really helped me - it’s a wonderful full body and mind experience, it’s very versatile and offers so much more than the so often quoted benefit of stretching chronically tight muscles. It also enhances spinal mobility and strengthens your entire body. Additionally, there is a strong focus on breathing, which brings about that much needed and much deserved space, that deep relaxation that I have been longing for.

In my classes I emphasise on good technique, it really is key. I pay close attention to make sure that everyone’s alignment is optimal according to anatomical features. For me the goal is to extend the alignment also further to a spiritual level - thereby also aligning the mind with the body. Slowing down, stopping to take a breather (quite literally), taking stock and being completely present this very moment, one moment at a time. Nowhere to go, nothing else to do. Pure bliss!

Our Western culture does not automatically lend itself to this - but it does pay off if nurtured.

It's a skill and like any skill, this too can be learned with practice and perseverance.

Don't worry if you've never done Yoga before or can't touch your toes. That's really not important. What's important is that you give yourself space and time - and I'll help you on taking that step forward to an improved well-being and posture.

Coming to an office near you

My mission is to help the stressed out office workers and make Yoga as accessible as possible to them. In order to save my clients’ time and to make it as convenient as possible to them, I am visiting workplaces to deliver my classes.

I am available for more corporate class bookings, so please just reach out to me and let me know how I can be of assistance to you!